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Former Mayor Involved in Shooting

This is another in a series of postings of articles of local interest, although the parties are not known to be related to my family. Originally published by The Washington Post on May 18, 1908, on page 1.


Prominent Asheville Citizen Fatally Wounded in Row.


Haywood County Representative Wanted Street Combatants to “Fight It Out,” and Resented Efforts of Waynesville’s Former Chief of Police to Separate Them – My Be Hiding in Mountains.

Special to The Washington Post.

Asheville, N.C., May 17. – Henry Abell, a prominent citizen of Waynesville, N.C., was shown down in Main street at Waynesville by David L. Boyd, representative of Haywood County in the North Carolina legislature. Boyd fired two shots into Abell’s body.

Abell is reported to be dying, and Boyd is said to have fled the State and is believed to be hiding in the East Tennessee mountains. The sheriff of the county and a posse are searching for Boyd. Tried to Stop Fight.

Tried to Stop Fight.

The shooting was the result of a fight between a man named Leatherwood, of Waynesville, and a nephew of Boyd. Abell attempted to part the fighters and Boyd became enraged at him. He tried to force Abell to let them “fight it out.” Abell persisted in his efforts to separate the combatants.

Several blows were struck and Boyd drew a gun and began firing at Abell. There were several eyewitnesses, though when the shooting began the crowd rapidly dispersed and gave Boyd a clear field to escape.

Boyd is fifty years old, and was formerly mayor of Newport, Tenn. Abell is a brother of Dr. J.F. Abell, and was formerly chief of police of Waynesville.

Haywood County, North Carolina, about 40 miles from Newport

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